Business Line

Using Twin Shaft Mixer, manufacture shotcrete and concrete that has workability of buyer's demand.
Control System

Electronics circuit based, dispersion type measuring control system. Processing observation by graphic, productivity totalization by print and over 1000 datas of mixing ratio.
Aggregate Hopper

Cement measuring hopper is located at the center and measuring hoppers for other aggregates are placed around it. Well-measured materials are put into mixer. Total process is controlled electrically and mechanically to achieve accurate measurement.
Mid-Summer Concrete Facility

Used when there is a possibility of low slump and evaporation. Cooling facility to lower the concrete temperature when monthly average temperature is over 25 degrees celeius.
Mid-Winter Concrete Facility

Used to achieve good intensity, durability and water-tightness of concrete when expected average temperature during 4 weeks after mixing concrete is under 4 degrees celcius.

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